One of the biggest challenges with people seeking therapy is - finding the right professional. Where to look, so much information available everywhere. And the information that is, might not be relevant or updated. So sharing your experiences will be very beneficial for others. 

We at Soul Prism are creating a Crowdsource List of Mental Health Practitioners in India

This is so that we are able to have all the contacts at one place and we can all refer to them in need!

This list will be useful in bridging the gap and giving resources for individuals to use.
Clients will also be able to select the type of therapist with whom they are most comfortable. Whether it's someone who supports LGBTQ rights or is an expert in a specific modality.

Kindly fill up this form if you’ve had a great experience with a mental health professional and would like to share it!

Please note:
You are requested to truthfully fill this form if you have had a first hand experience with a therapist or mental health professional. Please don’t fill up the form as a means to advertise or endorse a professional without having worked with them.  

This form is confidential, it doesn’t collect your personal data.


In case you don’t want to fill up the entire form, please write us an email at recommending the therapist.

For any further queries, feel free to reach out to us.