About Me

Kritika Mehta

I am a Developmental Psychologist and an Arts Based Therapy Practitioner, who loves discovering the voice of children and adolescents through their play and creativity. Mental health is my passion and I believe in simple yet creative ways to bring about positive emotional, social and cognitive changes in children and their families.

I have an extensive experience of working with children, adolescents, families, at-risk populations, school mental health programs and training young professionals. I believe in the magic of early intervention and the beauty of childhood.

I finished my MSc in Developmental Psychology from Lancaster University, UK with a specialisation in Arts Based Therapy from WCCLF, Pune. I also am a certified SFBT practitioner by International Alliance of Solution Focussed Teaching Institutes (IASTI). Specialisations include Child, Adolescent and Family Therapy, Parenting Consultation, Teacher Trainings and Classroom Management.

My work assists children, adolescents and parents with parent-child relationship, ADHD, school issues, anxiety disorders, behavioral concerns, Autism Spectrum disorders, depression, family issues, peer relationships, adolescent issues, self esteem, developmental disorders and adjusting to other life's challenges.